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LaTeX Project Report Template

LaTeX based template for college project reports

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LaTeX Template for Project Report

Version 2.0

Abstracted from a Major Project Report at CSED, NIT Calicut but can be modified easily to use for other reports also.

Created by

Kartik Singhal
BTech CSE Batch of 2009-13
NIT Calicut
Contact Info: kartiksinghal [AT] gmail [DOT] com

It is advisable to learn the basics of LaTeX before using this template. A good resource to start with is

How to Start

Start editing with report.tex and follow the instructions given there.

Revision History

Version 2

  1. Changed base template to a technical project report.
  2. Added example for inserting an image.
  3. Fixed numbering bug with references and acknowledgement pages.

Version 1

  1. Contains all required pages for a complete report.
  2. Highly customizable.
  3. Examples given for citing and inserting references and footnotes.
  4. PDF generated has clickable links from contents page, citations and URLs.
  5. Provides options to insert pdf title, author name, subject and keywords.


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LaTeX Template for Project Report by Kartik Singhal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.